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    Breakfast Menu

    Good Morning!! (and here you can do breakfast all day!)
    * means "Homemade"
    Our Strawberry and Raspberry Jams are *
    Our 7-grain bread is made with organic whole-wheat flour

    Eggs - any style (like "over easy", "sunny side up", scrambled, etc.)

    "Egg-Beaters" no-cholesterol egg for scrambled eggs or omelets at 1.10 extra!!

    1 egg$1.40

    with *toast 2.90

    2 eggs and *toast$5.20

    with *homefries 7.10

    2 eggs bacon, ham, or sausage, *toast$7.30

    with *homefries 9.20
    as side order (ham, bacon, pork sausage, or turkey sausage - 3.25)

    2 eggs, ham, *toast$6.25

    with *homefries 8.25

    Steak and Eggs$15.70

    (6oz. choice strip steak)
    w/ homefries & toast

    Breakfast Wrap

    scrambled eggs w/ feta, spinach, mushrooms, salsa - 8.65
    scrambled eggs and cheese w/ bacon, sausage, salsa - 8.65


    served with toast (our homemade white, wheat or raisin toast)


    with Swiss, cheddar, American, or feta
    and add mushrooms ----------9.60

    feta, spinach$8.65

    ham and cheese$9.70

    western omelet$9.25

    with ham & onions


    Pancakes, waffles or french toast...with real Adirondack Maple Syrup

    French toast made with raisin or 7-grain bread .60 extra

    *pancakes or french toast

    1 - 2.35 | 2 - 4.75 | 3 - 7.10

    * -----made with organic whole-wheat flour

    1 - 2.90 | 2 - 5.80 | 3 - 8.30

    *blueberry, banana, or choc chip pancakes

    1 - 3.35 | 2 - 5.75 | 3 - 8.10

    * -----made with organic whole-wheat flour

    1 - 3.90 | 2 - 6.80 | 3 - 9.30


    maple syrup or strawberries n' whip cream

    >>>>Extra maple syrup

    small 1.60 | large 3.15

    Cereal & Oatmeal


    with honey or brown sugar$4.25

    cold cereal$4.25

    Total, Cheerios, Fruit Loops


    Breakfast on a roll (ask for them by name)

    ham, egg and cheese on a hardroll "Hector"$5.50

    scrambled egg with sausage and cheese on a hearth roll "Edna"$5.50

    fried egg with bacon and cheese on a hard roll "Ed"$5.50




    hard roll$2.10

    *cinnamon bun or turnover$2.45

    fresh fruit cup$4.45

    corn beef hash$3.40

    bagel with cream cheese$3.70


    check out the choices

    *english muffin or toast$2.10

    stewed prunes$3.15

    berries w/ cream$4.45


    Something to drink?


    sm 1.80 | lg 2.90

    coffee or tea$2.10

    regular or decaf


    sm 1.80 | lg 2.90

    Chai tea latte$2.25

    Noon Mark Smoothie$5.50

    made with vanilla fat-free yogurt and fresh frozen fruit
    (ask waitstaff for flavors)

    hot chocolate or cappuccino$2.25

    chocolate milk

    sm 2.05 | lg 3.10

    Lunch soups, salads and sandwiches!!

    *means "Homemade" in: sandwiches served on *Noon Mark bread
    Our 7-grain bread is made with organic whole-wheat flour

    *Soups (usually 4 flavors a day)

    served with a slice of homemade bread & butter for just 60¢ more


    bowl 4.50 | cup 3.20


    bowl 4.80 | cup 3.55


    check diet salad choices on Keene Fitness Menu
    bleu cheese dressing 60¢ extra

    taco salad$10.00

    tossed salad$4.50

    Caesar salad$7.35

    chicken Caesar salad$11.55

    "Christmas" salad$11.55

    seafood & tuna on spinach, romaine & tomatoes

    chef's salad$11.55

    macaroni or potato salad$3.40

    served on a seasonal basis (warm wx)

    Burgers (beef or turkey) and dogs, of course (with pickles & fresh chips)

    Burgers are made with fresh, 90% lean ground beef from Valley Grocery here in Keene Valley!!

    hamburger or turkeyburger$7.35

    dressed 7.60

    cheeseburger or cheese turkeyburger$7.90

    dressed 8.15

    mushroom burger$8.15

    michigan burger$8.15

    bacon cheeseburger$10.25

    veggie burger$7.90

    patty melt$10.25

    hamburger with swiss cheese on rye, grilled

    "flying" patty melt$10.25

    turkeyburger with swiss cheese on whole wheat, grilled

    hot dog$3.15

    Hebrew National

    michigan hot dog$4.45

    dog & roll w/ meat sauce on top


    corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing grilled on rye

    Grilled cheese on *bread (with pickles & chips)


    shaved steak w/ fried mushroom pepper onion on a roll

    grilled cheese$4.75

    American, Swiss, cheddar

    grilled cheese with bacon or ham$7.35

    grilled cheese with tomato and bacon$7.60

    grilled swiss with tuna$7.60

    Sandwiches on *bread (with pickles & chips)

    just want half a sandwich... No Problem!
    check with your waitstaff person

    Ask your waitstaff: "What's the Lunch Wrap special today?"



    bacon, lettuce & tomato


    chicken, lettuce & tomato


    peanut butter & jelly

    seafood salad$7.25

    tuna salad$6.85

    egg salad$4.75

    ham & cheese$6.05


    lettuce and tomato$4.30

    western / eastern egg$5.00

    fried egg$3.35

    NOON MARK CLUB$11.00

    roast beef$7.60




    filet of fish$7.35

    Side orders you could even make a meal of

    french fries$3.40

    *homemade or shoestring
    with gravy - 4.45

    sweet potato waffle fries$5.50

    onion rings$4.25


    nachos deluxe$11.55

    mozzarella sticks$6.85

    breaded butterfly shrimp$6.85

    breaded chicken strips$6.55

    breaded sea scallops$6.85


    can be done as gluten-free

    breaded boneless chicken wings$6.55

    iced tea/ iced coffee/ soft drinks

    sm 2.10 | med 2.35 | lg 2.90

    ice cream float or soda$5.50

    milk shake

    small 3.55 | regular 4.75 | extra thick 5.50 | malted 55¢ extra


    made with vanilla low fat yogurt and fresh frozen fruit

    Dinner menu for Diner dinner dining!!

    ur 7-grain bread is made with organic whole-wheat flour
    *means "Homemade"

    **served with:   french fries   home fries   sweet potato waffle fries   mashed potato   baked potato   rice
    and soup or salad (all of the soups here are *!!)

    Our entree entries

    Hot roast beef**$15.50

    roast beef ("Old Neighborhood" all natural) and gravy served over *bread or toast

    Hot turkey**$15.25

    Noon Mark fresh-baked turkey ("McKenzie" all natural) and gravy
    served over *bread or toast


    meat or spinach with *garlic bread and a tossed salad

    *Broccoli quiche$9.95

    broccoli quiche served with a tossed salad

    Broccoli/cheese stuffed chicken**$12.85

    breaded chicken with a broccoli and cheese center

    Grilled chicken breast**$13.90

    two 4 1/2 oz. chicken breasts

    Fried chicken**$14.45

    3 piece finger-lickin' deep fried chicken

    Fried chicken strips**$12.55

    breaded strips of chicken white meat

    Fried Clams**$13.00

    6 ounces of deep fried clams

    Fried Shrimp**$18.00

    6 piece large breaded butterfly shrimp


    10 lightly breaded North Atlantic sea scallops

    Filet of cod**$14.95

    1/2 pound filet of cod (not breaded)

    Fried Haddock**$16.55

    1/2 pound batter-dipped fried haddock

    Rainbow trout**$16.55

    boneless & headless (grilled)

    Liver and onions**$11.50

    6 ounce liver grilled with onions

    Sirloin steak**$19.90

    10 oz. USDA Choice rib-eye Steak ("Eagle Ridge" fresh, not frozen) or make it an open steak sandwich



    lite ranch

    fat free


    oil & vinegar

    balsamic vinaigrette

    bleu cheese

    65¢ extra

    1000 island

    lite italian

    Asian ginger

    To drink

    coffee, tea

    iced or hot
    regular or decaf


    ice cream float


    chai tea latte

    soft drinks

    milk shake

    Noon Mark Smoothie

    Gluten-free Foods

    Gluten is the term for a group of proteins found in grains such as wheat, rye or barley. Celiac is a disease of the digestive system in which gluten damages the inner walls of the small intestines so the body can't absorb nutrients. It is estimated that 1 in 133 people in the U.S. have celiac and some don't even know they have it. People with celiac disease must eat gulten-free food. Noon Mark Diner now offers gluten-free food items for people with a gluten intolerance such as those with celiac disease.

    Many of these items can be ordered for mail-order shipment. Please call the Diner at (518)576-4499 to inquire as to the availability of a gluten-free items you are interested in, and if we are able to ship it through the mail.

    Gluten-free Breakfast Items


    1 pancake 3.15 | 2 pancakes 5.80 | 3 pancakes 7.60

    Toast or Bread$3.15


    (what flavor? ask waitstaff)


    French Toast

    1 french toast 3.15 | 2 french toast 5.80 | 3 french toast 7.60

    Cinnamon Rolls$2.45

    Bagels w/ cream cheese$3.70

    Gluten-free Lunch items and Entrees


    cup 3.20 | bowl 4.50
    ask for the gluten-free flavors available

    Grilled or Cold Sandwiches

    add 1.00 to main Lunch Menu prices due to gluten-free bread

    Lasagna Dinner$13.15

    French Fries$3.40

    Gluten-free Side Orders

    Chicken Tenders$6.55


    Sweet Potato Waffle Fries$5.50

    Fried Calamari$7.90

    Gluten-free Whole Items "to-go"

    Gluten-free Pie (slice)$5.25

    Gluten-free Pie Alamode (slice)$7.25

    Gluten-free Brownie (each)$2.65

    Gluten-free Brownie Alamode (each)$4.45

    Gluten-free Noon Mark Diner Pies







    Coffee cake



    Dinner rolls




    Keene Fitness Center Menu

    Noon Mark Diner and Keene Fitness Center bring you a menu that complements your efforts at the Fitness Center by bringing you food choices that are more nutritious than the usual "diner" fare.

    Noon Mark Diner's "Keene Fitness Center Menu" is a collaborative, and on-going undertaking between the Diner and Fitness Center to make more nutritional meals available to Fitness Center patrons and anyone else concerned with a healthier diet.

    Keene Fitness Center Menu

    1. Stuffed Tomato

    (known as "Tim's Tomato"), stuffed tomato filled with cottage cheese or tuna salad (hot or cold), served with whole-wheat toast points, mandarin orange sections or apple wedges.
    with Cottage Cheese: $9.70
    with Tuna: $11.55

    2. Spinach Salad$14.20

    Grilled chicken, grape tomatoes and red onions served on a bed of fresh baby spinach topped with feta cheese and crisp bacon pieces.
    Without Chicken: $11.55

    3. Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner$12.60

    Grilled chicken breast served with rice or cottage cheese and freshly sauteed spinach and mushrooms topped with feta cheese.

    4. Portabella Wrap$10.50

    Portabella mushrooms with red onions and garlic marinated in balsamic vinegar, finely chopped and served with feta cheese and baby spinach leaves.

    5. Asian Salad$13.65

    Romaine lettuce, mandarin orange sections, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins (or craisins), and red onions, served with grilled chicken and our Asian ginger dressing on the side.
    Without Chicken: $10.50


    Soft Ice Cream

    "Seasonal"...starts around May 1st

    Cone or Dish

    small 2.90 | medium 3.50 | large 4.25 | baby cone .80

    Soft Ice Cream Flavors

    Vanilla, Chocolate...and Twist

    Flavor Burst

    add these bursts of flavor to Vanilla soft ice cream...55 cents extra
    Strawberry | Raspberry | Blue Goo | Bubble Gum | Creamsicle | Pina Colada | Butterscotch | Coffee 'n Creme


    the frozen explosion with these fun flavors ground up and mixed into Vanilla soft ice cream:
    Heath bar | Butterfinger | Nestles Crunch bar | M & M s | Reese's Pieces | Oreo cookies
    in its own special Razzle cup 5.80

    Cone or Dish

    Small 2.90 | large 4.25 | Razzle 5.80

    "Alaskan Shaved Ice" snow cone$4.45

    Soft Frozen Yogurt

    and it's Fat-free yogurt
    Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist
    Try yogurt Razzle with fruit flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry or Peach

    Cone or Dish

    Small 2.90 | large 4.25 | Razzle 5.80

    Snow Cone

    guess what...this is "Seasonal", too!

    "Alaskan Shaved Ice" snow cone$4.45

    Hard Ice Cream

    We have Hard Ice Cream year-round!!
    Hard Ice Cream Flavors:
    Vanilla | Chocolate | Coffee | Strawberry | Butter Pecan | Green mint chip | Moose tracks (seasonal) | Rainbow Sherbet

    Cone or Dish

    Sm 2.90 | med 3.50 | lg 4.25 | baby cone .80

    The super-delicious Noon Mark Diner Homemade Pies

    these magazines said about Noon Mark Diner pies:
    bon appétit Magazine*: "The pie is so good, with tart and sweet in perfect balance..."
    Gourmet Magazine**: "The blackberry (pie), I can testify, was all that a pie should be."

    *bon appétit Magazine - October 2003 (page 154)
    **Gourmet Magazine - August 1993 (page 81)

    Noon Mark Diner pies: Our pies are "homemade", the crust being an old family recipe that's then filled with fresh or quick-frozen fruit (all prepared in the NMD bakery).
    No preservatives, food coloring, etc. are added.

    Cream pie$4.15

    chocolate, coconut, or banana cream
    alamode 6.05

    Cheese, pecan or maple-walnut pie$5.00

    alamode 6.85

    Fruit pie$4.90

    Raspberry, blueberry, apple, etc
    alamode 6.55

    Sugar-Free pie

    also available or how about yogurt alamode (30 cents more)

    Gluten-free pie$5.00

    alamode 7.30

    Other Ice Cream Delights



    invented by Matt, the ice cream guru

    Banana Split$7.10

    Ice Cream Float or Soda$5.50

    Milk Shakes

    vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee
    small 3.55 | regular 4.75 | extra thick 5.50
    (for malted, add 55 cents)

    Other Dessert-type stuff


    oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts or peanut butter


    Joanie's home recipe
    alamode 4.15

    Brownie Sundae$7.10


    raspberry, blueberry, apple
    alamode 4.20

    Cheese Cake$5.80

    pineapple, strawberry, or hot fudge topping

    Fresh Strawberry Shortcake$6.75


    Noon Mark Smoothie$5.50

    ask waitstaff for fruit flavor choices