Soft Ice Cream

"Seasonal"...starts around May 1st
Soft Frozen Yogurt

and it's Fat-free yogurt
Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist
Try yogurt Razzle with fruit flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry or Peach
Snow Cone

guess what...this is "Seasonal", too!
Hard Ice Cream

We have Hard Ice Cream year-round!!
Hard Ice Cream Flavors:
Vanilla | Chocolate | Coffee | Strawberry | Butter Pecan | Green mint chip | Moose tracks (seasonal) | Rainbow Sherbet
The super-delicious Noon Mark Diner Homemade Pies

these magazines said about Noon Mark Diner pies:
bon appétit Magazine*: "The pie is so good, with tart and sweet in perfect balance..."
Gourmet Magazine**: "The blackberry (pie), I can testify, was all that a pie should be."

*bon appétit Magazine - October 2003 (page 154)
**Gourmet Magazine - August 1993 (page 81)

Noon Mark Diner pies: Our pies are "homemade", the crust being an old family recipe that's then filled with fresh or quick-frozen fruit (all prepared in the NMD bakery).
No preservatives, food coloring, etc. are added.
Other Ice Cream Delights
Other Dessert-type stuff