Good Morning!! (and here you can do breakfast all day!)
* means "Homemade"
Our Strawberry and Raspberry Jams are *
Our 7-grain bread is made with organic whole-wheat flour
Eggs - any style (like "over easy", "sunny side up", scrambled, etc.)

"Egg-Beaters" no-cholesterol egg for scrambled eggs or omelets at 1.10 extra!!

served with toast (our homemade white, wheat or raisin toast)
Pancakes, waffles or french toast...with real Adirondack Maple Syrup

French toast made with raisin or 7-grain bread .60 extra
Cereal & Oatmeal
Breakfast on a roll (ask for them by name)
Something to drink?
*Soups (usually 4 flavors a day)

served with a slice of homemade bread & butter for just 60¢ more

check diet salad choices on Keene Fitness Menu
bleu cheese dressing 60¢ extra
Burgers (beef or turkey) and dogs, of course (with pickles & fresh chips)

Burgers are made with fresh, 90% lean ground beef from Valley Grocery here in Keene Valley!!
Grilled cheese on *bread (with pickles & chips)
Sandwiches on *bread (with pickles & chips)

just want half a sandwich... No Problem!
check with your waitstaff person

Ask your waitstaff: "What's the Lunch Wrap special today?"
Side orders you could even make a meal of
Something cold to drink?
Our entree entries

To drink
Gluten-free Breakfast Items
Gluten-free Lunch items and Entrees
Gluten-free Side Orders
Gluten-free Desserts

Gluten-free ice cream cones available for soft (when in season) and hard ice cream
Gluten-free Whole Items "to-go"
Keene Fitness Center Menu

Noon Mark Diner and Keene Fitness Center bring you a menu that complements your efforts at the Fitness Center by bringing you food choices that are more nutritious than the usual "diner" fare.

Noon Mark Diner's "Keene Fitness Center Menu" is a collaborative, and on-going undertaking between the Diner and Fitness Center to make more nutritional meals available to Fitness Center patrons and anyone else concerned with a healthier diet.
Soft Ice Cream

"Seasonal"...starts around May 1st
Soft Frozen Yogurt

and it's Fat-free yogurt
Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist
Try yogurt Razzle with fruit flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry or Peach
Snow Cone

guess what...this is "Seasonal", too!
Hard Ice Cream

We have Hard Ice Cream year-round!!
Hard Ice Cream Flavors:
Vanilla | Chocolate | Coffee | Strawberry | Butter Pecan | Green mint chip | Moose tracks (seasonal) | Rainbow Sherbet
The super-delicious Noon Mark Diner Homemade Pies

these magazines said about Noon Mark Diner pies:
bon appétit Magazine*: "The pie is so good, with tart and sweet in perfect balance..."
Gourmet Magazine**: "The blackberry (pie), I can testify, was all that a pie should be."

*bon appétit Magazine - October 2003 (page 154)
**Gourmet Magazine - August 1993 (page 81)

Noon Mark Diner pies: Our pies are "homemade", the crust being an old family recipe that's then filled with fresh or quick-frozen fruit (all prepared in the NMD bakery).
No preservatives, food coloring, etc. are added.
Other Ice Cream Delights
Other Dessert-type stuff